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How can I sell my mobile phone?
Sell your phone with Mega Mobiles! We’ll give you fast cash for your phone and you’ll help protect the environment from harmful e-waste too. It’s smart for you… smart for the planet!
What condition should my phone be in for a trade in?
We buy working and damaged phones, so you can trade in with us even if your phone has seen better days! When you sell your phone, we’ll ask you to describe its condition. Select the one that fits your phone best to find out how much it's worth!
How do I sell my mobile for the best price?
We will always offer you our best possible price when you sell your phone. There are a few quick and easy things you can do to get even more though…
Can I sell my broken phone?
Yes, you can sell your broken phone - and it's easy too! Just select the Faulty condition when getting your valuation. Please note: we can’t buy phones that have been snapped in half, bent or crushed, or phones with missing or broken components.

Are you looking to get the best price for your old iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone? We can buy your device whether it’s in good condition or broken.

The value of your phone depends on a number of factors, including its condition, whether it’s locked to a network, how much storage it has and the current market value of the phone.

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